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EnvironmentClimate change poses both risks and opportunities for Drax Group To reduce the risks to our business, we are committed to reducing our operational carbon emissions and emissions from our supply chain by transitioning away from coal and using sustainable biomass...know more

Supply chain overview | CocaRenewable energy can be used throughout the supply chain to decrease long-term costs, mitigate risk, drive new revenue, enhance brand value, and improve employee engagement As technologies and regulations mature, companies should be re-evaluating their energy procurement strategy to take advantage of these benefits...know more

Cobalt: A Precarious Supply ChainJan 09, 2017· Cobalt: A Precarious Supply Chain , and this makes for an extremely precarious supply chain for manufacturers Our infographic today comes to us from LiCo Energy Metals, , for 25% of supply Coal consumption, which is decreasing in Western markets, will stay consistent with 2018 levels thanks to growing demand in Asia...know more

Review of Coal Supply ChainsIn our view, the key reason that coal supply chain participants have not successfully addressed the causes of coordination failure to date is because not all participants have perceived there to be adequate incentive to co-operate...know more

Five tips to streamline your supply chainAnalysing and streamlining the supply chain is a learning process not just for improving product deliveries today, but also for improving customer service in the future Streamlining the global supply chain provides increased efficiencies throughout the entire product life cycle...know more