marble slurry waste deposits in rajasthan

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How can marble slurry or waste be used?Marble deposits are widespread in India and the safe disposal of Marble slurry is a big problem as it occupies a lot of space and is an environmental hazard especially after the slurry dries up This study looks at ways to utilize marble slurry t....know more

Mountains of marble wasteMarble mining is opencast mining, which means the topsoil and vegetation have to be removed in order for the area to be mined This process generates huge waste Gang-saw units, which cut marble blocks into slabs, also generate a lot of waste and slurry apart from utilising vast quantities of water...know more

Utilization of "Marble Slurry" In Cement Concrete ,Feb 03, 2015· Marble slurry generation:Marble Slurry is a suspension of marble fines in water, generated during processing and polishing, etc Environmental Hazards due to waste...know more

Mine wastes management(radioactive wastes, marble slurry, etc) Some of key wastes generated from the industry are discussed in detail in the following section 451 Waste rock Mining operations generate two types of waste rock - overburden10 and mine development rock Overburden results from the development of surface mines, while mine development rock is a by-...know more

Piplantri ModelNov 07, 2016· PIPLANTRI- gram panchayat located in Rajsamand,Rajasthan, INDIA is well known for its Marble Mining Industry but the ENVIRONMENT got badly effected gradually Marble SLURRY to be seen in form of ....know more

KishangarhKishangarh railway station is on the Jaipur-Ahmedabad line; Kishangarh was the only city in Rajasthan where the work of Railway Station, Bus Depot And Airport was going on simultaneously As of May 2019, the Kishangarh Airport is now fully functional with daily flights for Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad...know more

Waste marble gives bounceThis slurry contains high proportion of lime (~50%), some amounts of magnesia (~5%), small amounts of silica, alumina and iron oxide On ignition, it also exhibits a weight loss of 50 per cent This slurry gets accumulated as marble powder after getting dried in the mining area causing severe pollution...know more

STARTUP POLICYRajasthan State has large potential to convert waste into energy/ useful product illions of tonM s of marble slurry, kota stone slurry, municipal solid waste, E-waste and industrial waste especially from units like smelters are disposed of, on land fill site causing environmental issu...know more

Marble Slurry Project ReportProject report of marble mining machine Introduction -status report marble slurry marble industry is now one of the most important industries in rajasthan number of mining leases about 3660 machines with mechanized mines using blasting get price and support online the marble machine faceb....know more