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Sterling Hill Mining MuseumThe Sterling Hill Mine, now known as the Sterling Hill Mine Tour & Museum of Fluorescence, is a former iron and zinc mine in Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey, United StatIt was the last working underground mine in New Jersey when it closed in 1986 It became a museum in 1989 Along with the nearby Franklin Mine, it is known for its variety of minerals, especially the fluorescent varieti...know more

Copper mining in the United StatesNew Jersey New Jersey was the site of one of the first attempts to mine copper in what is now the United Stat Copper ore was discovered about 1712 in what is now North Arlington, and the Schuyler Copper Mine extracted ore and shipped it in casks to the Netherlands The success of the Schuyler mine led to more prospecting and discovery of ....know more

The Coeur d'Alene PressEquipment from Europe, Asia and South America was unloaded Wednesday at the New Jersey Mining Company's mill site near Kellogg The mill, which treats ore from the Crescent mine and the Golden ....know more

The Pennsylvania and Lehigh Zinc CompanyThe Pennsylvania and Lehigh Zinc Company from History of the Lehigh Valley (1860) [p235] South Bethlehem is situated in Lehigh County, and is separated from Bethlehem by the Monocacy Creek, which is part of the dividing line between Northampton and Lehigh Counti There are two hotels in the place, besides several stores and a number of manufacturing establishments...know more

New Jersey Historic Mining SitesAll during the early 1800's, the mining, smelting and forging of iron was equally important in hundreds of locations throughout Northwest New Jersey The unique ore deposits of Sussex County's Sterling Hill Mine Tour and Museum in Ogdensburg and Mine Hill (Franklin) provided an era of analysis and exploitation which eventually aided in the ....know more

Franklin, NJThe mines of Franklin and the Sterling Hill Mine in northwest New Jersey are world famous - and are known as the FLuorescent Mineral capital of the world The mines boast of over three hundred different minerals, with more than 60 new mineral species claiming this area as the type locality...know more

The Andover Mine in New JerseyDrawing from the most extensive deposit of hematite ore in New Jersey, the iron was manufactured chiefly for England until the second year of the Revolutionary War At that time the mine and furnace were taken in possession by the Continental Congress and were worked for five years, making cannon balls and steel for the American Army...know more

Longpond Iron Works in New JerseyHistory and heritage in Northwest New Jersey Skylands: Take a ride to Long Pond Ironworks State Park in West Milford and park at the visitors center Walk past the old stone-rubble houses sitting like giant sculptures on the lawn, amble down into the woods and look for the dirt crossroads surrounded by trees and the ruins of a town The area now called Hewitt was once the Long Pond Ironworks...know more

New Jersey, USANew Jersey, USA : One of the thirteen original states of the USA New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state but the 11th-most populous and the most densely populated of the 50 United Stat It's area is 8,72258 square ....know more

Edison OreThe Edison Ore-Milling Company was a venture by Thomas Edison that began in 1881 Edison introduced some significant technological developments to the iron ore milling industry but the company ultimately proved to be unprofitable Towards the end of the company's life, Edison realized the potential application of his technologies to the cement industry and formed the Edison Portland Cement ....know more

New Jersey Mining CompanyNew Jersey Mining Company, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 456 lik New Jersey Mining Company is an emerging gold producer focused on increasing cash flows through the Golden Chest Mine ,...know more

Old Mine RoadOld Mine Road is a road in New Jersey and New York said to be one of the oldest continuously used roads in the United States of America At a length of 104 miles (167 km), it stretches from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the vicinity of Kingston, New York...know more

Eagle MineComment: COPPER-SILVER ORE MINED OUT AS OF DECEMBER 1977 Comment Type: Development: Comment: New Jersey Zinc Co consolidated several mines and properties, including the Little Chief, Iron Mask, Belden, and Black Iron mines, into the Eagle mine by 1918 The Newhouse tunnel, near the railroad, and the Wilkesbarre shaft provide main access to ....know more

Stephen FritzThe operation failed due to lower cost competition from Mesabi Range iron ores, but the magnetic separator was purchased by the New Jersey Zinc Company, where John Price Wetherill III refined the system to extract franklinite from the ore The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection maintains maps of the Edison Mine...know more

Zinc Mines and FluoresenceSterling Hill mine was placed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places in 1991 For many visitors the most anticipated part of the mine tour at Sterling Hill is the Rainbow Tunnel, where brightly fluorescent zinc ore is exposed in the mine walls, exactly as it was in other parts of the mine where ore was extracted...know more

Franklin Mineral MuseumCome celebrate nature, history and science by discovering how minerals and mining history affect each of us Just 60 minutes from the NYC Metro Area in Franklin, New Jersey...know more